Setting Industrial equipment

Millwrights setting soul plates and grouting in place for installation of industrial equipment.

Our skilled millwrights are experts at setting soul plates and grouting them in place. The millwrights are experienced with correct soul plate design.   A correctly designed and installed foundation soul plate will Prevent Failures:

a.  Lower Vibration by increasing rigidity

b.  Provide level base to begin alignment and reduce soft foot issues.

yielding improved longevity and reducing operational costs.

We are able to design, fabricate, machine and install new soul plates for you.

Setting of heavy equipment on new soul plate grouted into position

Prime Field Service skilled millwrights have installed new soul plate. This includes new anchors into the the concrete foundation and pouring an epoxy grout to hold the soul plate firmly in place. The crew used laser to align and level the plate.

Setting heavy industrial equipment on new soul plate grouted into place with epoxy grout by Prime Field Service millwrights.

Prime Field service millwrights setting the machine base on leveled, aligned and epoxy grouted soul plate.

Field machining equipment base to create flat and level foundation for industrial equipment installation

On site machining by millwrights for the setting of heavy industrial equipment.

Soul plate on site machined for the setting of heavy industrial equipment to make them flat and level.

Installation of large gearbox by Prime Field Service Millwrights

Millwrights installing gear box for milling operations

Prime Field service millwrights installing gearbox on soul plate and laser aligning motor and mill.


Our millwrights will provide you with skilled rigging, installation, and alignment of your equipment in addition the the setting of soul plates.