Prime Field Service Millwrights for mining companies

Welcome to Prime Field Service Corp: Expert Millwright Services for the Mining Industry

At Prime Field Service Corp, we pride ourselves on being the cornerstone of mine service excellence, with over four decades of experience under our belts. Our specialized team of millwrights is dedicated to providing unparalleled technical services tailored specifically to the needs of the mining industry.

Our Specialized Services: Ensuring Your Operations Run Smoothly

  • Crusher Maintenance: Our expertise spans the entire range of crusher maintenance, from jaw crushers and cone crushers to SAG mills and ball mills. We ensure your crushing operations are efficient and uninterrupted.
  • Large Synchronous Motors: Mastery over large synchronous motors means we can handle the power behind your operations, ensuring reliability and performance.
  • Comprehensive Millwright Services: Beyond crushers and motors, our services are comprehensive. We’re equipped to tackle any millwright challenge with precision and technical prowess.

Certified Safety: Your Assurance of Our Commitment

Safety is not just a priority; it’s a core value at Prime Field Service Corp. Our team is both OSHA and MSHA certified, reflecting our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards in every project we undertake. Our exceptional safety record over forty years of service is a testament to our dedication to doing the heavy lifting safely and efficiently.

Why Choose Prime Field Service Corp?

  • Specialized Expertise: Our focus on the mining industry means we understand your unique challenges and are equipped with the specialized skills to meet them.
  • Safety First: With OSHA and MSHA certifications, our commitment to safety is unmatched, offering peace of mind with every service provided.
  • Decades of Experience: Four decades of experience in mine service means there’s no challenge we haven’t faced and overcome with excellence.
  • Commitment to Excellence: At Prime Field Service Corp, we’re not just service providers; we’re partners in ensuring the success and efficiency of your mining operations.

Contact Us: Let’s Elevate Your Mining Operations Together

Ready to experience the difference that specialized expertise and a commitment to safety and excellence can make? Contact Prime Field Service Corp today. Our team is ready to address your millwright needs, ensuring that your mining operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Crusher repair Services by Prime Field Service

Prime Field Service millwrights installing jaw crusher components on the mine site.

Prime Field Service installing jaw crusher components at mine site. All the components shafts, bearings, wear surfaces were machined in Prime Machine shop.

Large cone crusher bowl machining of threads at the Prime Machine Shop.

Cone crusher threaded bowl machined including the threads

Large cone crusher bowl being machined at the Prime Machine Inc shop a sister company of Prime Field Service.

Millwright thermal lancing nut from shaft to remove the wear liner and install new liner.

Millwright using air arch torch to cut nut off for the purpose of removing the wear liner and installing new liner.

Millwright thermal lancing nut from crusher shaft for wear liner change out.

Kiln Services by Prime Field Service alignment of trunnions and grinding of Kiln tires

Kiln service that include alignment of trunnions and thrust roller. Grinding of the Kiln tire by millwrights of Prime Field service

Prime Field Service millwrights completing Kiln maintenance that includes alignment of trunnions and tire grinding.

Ball mill gear alignment by specialized millwrights using state of the art measurement technologies of lasers.

Ball mill requiring gear alignment procedures. then aligned by ball mill specialized millwrights of Prime Field Service.

Ball mill gear alignments and motor to pinion gear alignment by the millwrights of Prime Field Service Corp. The alignments were checked by laser tracker specialized millwrights and verified to meet all specified requirements.

Bull gear flip on Ball mill by Prime Field Service millwrights


Maintenance on large ball mill including changing of bull gear and alignments of gears and motor.

Bull gear flip on ball mill and realignment to the pinion gear and pinion gear to the synchronous motor by the specialized millwrights of Prime Field Service Corp. Additionally the alignments were assisted and verified by the laser Tracker operator millwrights.

Ball mill liner maintenance by Prime Field Service.

field drilling of ball mill shell with equipment designed and built by Prime Machine.

Ball mill maintenance of liner change out that included drilling new liner bolt holes for larger bolts. The drilling of liner bolt holes completed by Prime Field Service specialized machining millwrights.


Synchronous motor maintenance that included the machining of bearing fit at site

Ball mill and synchronous electric motor maintenance on ball mill crusher for mine site

Synchronous electric motor maintenance the included repair to the bearing journal by machining at site. Motor was set to stator and all realigned to the pinion shaft that had been aligned to the mill bull gear

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