Oil & Gas equipment repair millwright service

Millwright repair services for oil and gas industry

Importance of Repairing Oil and Gas Equipment

The oil and gas industry is pivotal to the global economy, powering industries, heating homes, and fueling vehicles. Equipment used in this sector, ranging from drilling rigs to refineries, is subject to extreme conditions, including high pressure, temperature, and corrosive environments. Regular maintenance and timely repairs are crucial to prevent unexpected downtime, environmental hazards, and ensure the safety of workers and communities.

At Prime Field Service Corp, our millwright and repair services stand unrivaled in quality and efficiency.

With over forty years of dedicated service to the oil and gas sector, Prime Field Service boasts a seasoned team of millwrights proficient in a wide array of repairs. This includes expertise in pump repairs, compressor overhauls, valve maintenance, fan servicing, pressure vessel restorations, and heat exchanger refurbishments. Our millwrights are not only highly knowledgeable and skilled but are also equipped with the latest tools necessary to expertly handle these tasks.

Ajex engine rebuilds for the remote areas of the oil fields.

Prime truck transporting five newly rebuilt Ajax engines to the oil fields for operation.

Prime Field Service millwrights rebuilt over 100 outdated Ajax engines bringing them back to new standards so that the engines could go into remote areas and operate effectively and efficiently.

Large engine block inspection for determination of recommended machining

laser tracker measurement of large engine block for inspection prior to machining.

Laser tracker skilled operator measuring large engine block prior to machining operations.

Large crankshaft refurbishment including a dynamic balance.

picture of Large crankshaft diesel engine two plane balanced. Refurbishment of large crankshaft polished, measured, balanced.

Prime refurbishment of large crankshaft includes inspection of dimensions and runouts, polish, and dynamic balance.

Natural gas engine driving compressor rebuild and field machining of cylinder bores.

a large natural gas engine repair that includes on site machining of the cylinder bores.

Engine for driving a gas compressor being field machined to repair cylinder bores

Compressor Crosshead repairs includes rebabbitt of riding surface and machining.

Compressor Crosshead repair babbitt work and machining.

Compressor crosshead repair includes babbitting of shoe surface and machining for restoration of surface profile and size.


Steam turbine overhauls including casing work, rotor, seals, and bearings


Steam turbine repair.

Steam turbine repairs for oil and gas industry includes dynamic balance of high speed rotor.