Power plant maintenance millwrights by Prime Field Service Corp

Power Plant Maintenance  by Prime Field Service Specialized Millwrights

Industrial Fan Repair specialized millwright tradesmen.

Industrial fan repair is a specialty of Prime Field Service Corp.  Our repairs include dismantle of fan housing, rotor removal, fan rotor repairs, installation and alignment of fan at site.  The fan rotor repairs may include shaft removal and installation of new shaft, weld repairs to wearing surfaces fan body, and dynamic two balance of rotor.  On site repairs may consist of vibration analysis, replacing bearing, laser alignments of motor to fan, and dynamic balancing.

We have saved our customers substantial money and time by field machining new bearing fit on site at their plant saving the dis-assembly, shipping, shop work and reassembly of large fans.

In our shop we have all the fabrication and machining capabilities to complete extensive industrial fan repair.  Complete manufacture of new shafts in our large lathes.  Complete detailed duplication of all features and materials so that rotors comply with all form fit and function.  Shroud metal spinning, complex fabrication of wheels with machining of new wheels hubs to fit shaft.

The installation of shaft in the new wheel.  Dynamic balance of fan rotor in the shop.

Additionally should grouting of soul plates be required we are capable of placing the new soul plates and grouting them in position.

Fan repair welding and dynamic balance

World Class Dynamic balance of large fan for power plant in our shop. Work including welding repairs to fan, polish bearing fits, welding on of balance weights for two plane dynamic balance.


machining fan shaft in our large Niles lathe

Machining large shaft for the repair industrial fan for power plant.

 Field Machining fan shaft on site with journal squirrel machine

Field service repair of fan by machining shaft seal surface at the power plant site without removing the rotor. Saving significant repair costs and bring plant back on line quickly.

Power plant pump repairs


Complete rebuild of large circulation pump by specialized millwright mechanics.

Complete rebuild of circulation water pump for power plant. Repairs include removal of pump from plant, transportation to shop, disassembly, replacement of bearings, shaft seals, machining alignment for the motor fit, and all component mating surfaces. The dynamic balance of the rotor. Assembly of pump verifying all clearances and fits. The transportation to plant site and installation of pump.

Turbine case weld repairs and machining.

Prime Field Service in combination with Prime Machine Inc have more capability that any other millwright company in the country.

Steam turbine case repair includes machining of large vertical machining center

Machining of steam turbine case on large vertical cnc machining center.

Steam turbine wheel stack verification using a laser tracker for Precision measurement by skilled metrology millwrights.

Measuring a steam turbine rotor wheel stacking dimensions with a laser tracker.

Steam turbine rotor stacking dimensions verification using laser tracker for precision measurements and reporting.


Balancing a Steam turbine rotor

View the video on dynamic balancing