Prime Field Service millwright specialties

Prime Field Service Millwright specialties

Prime Field Service Corp has been serving the heavy industrial companies with specialized millwright services for more than 40 years with that experience, we have established ourselves as trusted partners in various industries, including manufacturing, mining, energy, oil & gas, chemical, and construction. Our millwrights tradesmen are world class in their skills completing projects only a few millwright companies across the world have the ability to do.  Prime Field Service Corp works closely with its sister company Prime Machine Inc. that require large precision machining. Together these two companies are unequalled in our ability to perform for you on critical path projects.

Prime Field Service: Excellence in Heavy Industrial Millwright Services.

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disruptions and mitigate losses.

Rotating Equipment Millwright Mechanics

The rebuilding of a large rotating cone crusher requires expertise in rigging heavy components, knowledge of hydraulic systems, stored potential energy hazards, running fit clearances, gear alignments, bolt tightening procedures, and safety precautions.


Large cone crusher rebuild by Prime Field Service crusher specialists

Prime Field Service millwrights crusher specialists rebuilding a large rotating cone crusher for a mine. The cleaning of lubrication system and replacement of wear liners and bushing.

Machine calibration and geometry verification laser tracker millwright tradesmen

The geometry verification and calibration of large machine tools require highly skilled millwright craftsmen the have a though understanding of geometry.  Machine operation requires tolerances in .0001 inches and extremely accurate measurement systems are required to complete this work.

Using laser technologies millwrights verify the machine geometry of a large horizontal five axis boring mill for Prime Machine Inc.

Prime Field Service Corp laser measurement millwright specialists verifying geometry and calibrating large 5-axis horizontal boring mill.

Welding and Fabrication millwright tradesmen repairing haul truck wheel.

Highly skilled welding and fabrication millwrights have setup and automated the weld procedure for repairing of the haul truck wheel hub.  Special welding procedures have been engineered to minimize distortion.

Millwright specialized in automated welding welding up fits on mine truck wheel hub.

Prime Field Service millwrights specialized in welding setup wheel hub on rotating welding positioner and weld repaired the critical fits for machining by Prime Machines shop.


Large gate valve Installation at damn location

Prime Field Service millwrights installed two large gate valves at damn location that required rigging in very tight quarters to place the gates.

Rebuild of large gate valves by Prime Field Service Millwrights.

Prime Millwrights complete removal, rebuild and installation of gate valves in damn. Prime Machine completed all the machining process required for the rebuilds. Essentially zero leaks after rebuild.

Vibration analysis and dynamic balancing highly specialized millwrights.

Prime Field Service vibration and balancing specialized millwrights are highly skilled in the technology of predictive maintenance.  Our millwright technicians are able to identify potential failures and determine corrective actions and then make the corrective action.  Our predictive maintenance service will provide reduced spending on maintenance.

large generator rotor being balanced in the Prime Field Service balancing shop by specialized millwrights in dynamic balancing.

Prime Field Service millwrights dynamically balancing large generator rotor. A truly world class projects as there are only a few shops capable of dynamically balancing this large generator rotor,

Precision Measurements using laser trackers and scanners by our specialized laser tracker and scanner technicians yield precise information for design purposes.

Prime Field Service millwright scanning specialists completed the laser scan of ball mill at mine site engineered a field machining operation including setup clearance information, rigging design for removal of bearing housing and cap.  Laser trackers were used to set field machining equipment to the mill geometry.


laser scanning of ball mill journal area for specialized preplan to machine and grind journal in place.

Prime Field Service millwrights specialized in laser scanning and measurements scanned and engineered a procedure to setup an field machining of the journal in place on the ball mill.

Field Machining is a very specialized millwright skill.

Prime Field Service field machining specialists have years of experience in setting up machines on site and machining the components for required modifications and repairs.

Prime Field service millwrights specialized in field machining machining the slip rings on hydroelectric generator.

Prime field Service millwrights on site machining of slip rings on hydro electric turbine. This save customer the time to dismantle turbine, transport to shop, machine in the shop, transport back to damn, install and align the generator.

Prime Field Service millwrights are specialists in Machine Foundation work including civil concrete, grouting, soul plate installation. setting equipment and aligning.


Grouting of soul plate for rigid and solid foundation for equipment installation and alignment.

Prime Field Service millwrights have planned and rebuilt a machine foundation including installation of new soul plate and grout into position for a rigid machine foundation.