Prime Field Service Corp Millwright Services by Industrial Industry

Millwright Industrial Services by Industries

Prime Field Service has been completing millwright services for over 40 years. These years of experience have provided given us the knowledge for of critical thinking to evaluate the condition of a machines and their components.  The ability to find machine issues and correct them.  Our millwright skills include:

  1. The planning, rigging and lifting of large heavy components.
  2. The ability to complete precision measurements with laser tracers, laser alignment tools, dial indicators and other precision equipment.
  3. The ability to analyze machine condition using vibration analysis equipment, including the dynamic balance of the equipment if required.
  4.  Welding and fabrication skills including the repair and build of pressure vessel structure.
  5.  The installation of Industrial equipment including building cement foundations, grouting and setting of soul plates to the foundations.
  6.   Laser scanning of equipment and analysis for equipment improved operations.

Our focus has been on the following industries:  Power generation, Oil & gas production and delivery, Mining & material processing, Aerospace, and Food and water.

Aerospace the load testing of rocket case

Weld fabrication and machining of large rocket case. The rigging, lifting, of large rocket case for testing of handling methods.

Aerospace project that included the welding and fabrication of dummy rocket case. The load testing of fixtures and methods to used on live loaded rockets. Total project completed by Prime Field Service Corporation.

Rebuild of large gearbox by Prime Field Service millwrights for mining industry.

Prime Field Service millwrights rebuilding large gearbox for mining industry

Prime Field Service Millwrights installing large gear for mining industry.

Sag mill gear install by Prime Field Service millwrights. World wide projects completed.

Millwright project to install large gear on mill. Prime Field Service installs large gears on mills world wide. Project planning, heavy lifting with proper rigging, alignment of gear on mill completed safely, on time and on budget.

Crankshaft dynamic balance of the oil and gas industries

Crankshaft rebuild including cleaning, polishing and dynamic balance.

Dynamically balancing of large crankshaft during engine rebuild for the oil and gas industry




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