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Prime Field Service Millwrights World Class On Site Machining Company

On-site machining, a complex and demanding field, is an area where Prime Field Service Corp. excels as a global leader. The company has successfully completed projects of such complexity and scale that only a select few in the world can match, that demonstrate our unparalleled expertise and capabilities.

Prime Field Service Corp. is distinguished as a premier provider of on-site machining services, equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology for top-tier in-place machining. Our organization’s team of adept field millwright machinists brings a wealth of experience to both expansive and minor projects, delivering precision workmanship. Central to our operational excellence is the use of advanced laser measuring technology, guaranteeing precise machine placement and the highest accuracy in on-site machining tasks. With over four decades of industry experience, Prime Field Service Corp. has established a stellar reputation, supported by a team of proficient field machinists, laser technicians, and millwrights specializing in in-place machining.

The company’s dedication to safety is reflected in its outstanding safety record, ensuring secure operations on client sites. Prime Field Service Corp. emphasizes the significant advantages of field machining, also known as in-place machining, across various sectors. This method is especially beneficial in scenarios where dismantling and transporting machinery for off-site repairs is not feasible.

The benefits of field machining include:

  • Precision and Efficiency: Prime Field Service’s on-site machining services enable a highly precise alignment between components, enhancing system efficiency with minimal operational disruptions. This approach negates the need for removing equipment from its operational setting.
  • Wide Application Range: Our services cater to a diverse array of industries, including steel fabrication, cement production, aluminum manufacturing, hydropower, petrochemicals, mining, shipbuilding, and marine and offshore sectors. This adaptability ensures that a broad spectrum of industries can leverage the benefits of in-place machining.
  • Comprehensive Services: Prime Field Service offers an extensive suite of services, including milling, drilling, boring, flange facing, honing, and grinding. This all-encompassing service portfolio facilitates on-the-field repair, replacement, reassembly, modification, and realignment of machinery.
  • Safety and Time Savings: Our company places a strong emphasis on safety and accuracy in the field machining operations, contributing to significant time savings and enhanced safety measures.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The on-site machining methodology advocated by Prime Field Service substantially cuts costs related to downtime, labor, and logistics by eliminating the need for equipment disassembly and transportation. This enables efficient on-site repairs and maintenance, preserving production time and minimizing potential revenue losses.

In essence, Prime Field Service Corp.’s on-site machining services provide industries with a strategic advantage, necessitating high precision, efficiency, and minimal downtime for equipment maintenance and repair. Their ability to undertake complex machining tasks on-site cements their position as an essential partner in modern industrial operations.

Listed below are completed projects by Prime Field Service Corp.

Large portable lathe in place turning

This portable field lathe was designed and built by Prime Field Service for the machining of these huge screening drums used in the Canadian tar sands.  The Lathe was designed to mill both faces in a single setup while rotating the drum to yield perfect parallel surfaces.  The portable lathe had added drilling capabilities with precision indexing to drill the flange holes within .015 true position tolerance.

Worlds larges portable lathe machining of screening drum on site.

Worlds largest portable lathe capable of machining 30 feet in diameter 60 feet in length and weights of 400,000 pounds.  Lathe can be configured in multiple purposes.

Portable flange facer for large flanges

The removal of the large ball mill from the mine, transportation to a large machine shop, machining of the face, and transportation return to mine would have been extremely expensive.  Setup of machine for accuracy and rigidity requires the expertise and experience of Prime Field Service on site millwright crews with the assistance of laser measurement crew made the job go smoothly, accurately, on schedule, on budget and completely safely completed.

field machinist machining large flange of ball mill on site mine.

Skilled field machinists using large flange facing machine on site at mine to face flange of ball mill.








Portable dynamic balancing machine for large rotors

Prime Field Service millwrights on site dynamic balance large fan in dynamic balancing machine designed and built by Prime Machine Inc. Prime Field Service sister company.

Prime world class portable balancing machine capable of being either hard bearing or soft bearing machine for high tolerance balancing. Machine has adaptive tooling to make it a portable lathe.

Journal squire lathe for on-site machining of large electric motor shaft bearing fit.

This project requires extremely skilled millwrights with knowledge of rigging, large electric motor operation, machining techniques, precision measurement with dial indicators, and laser tracker measurement.

Clam shell on site machining skilled millwrights large electric motor shaft bearing fit.

Prime Field Service specialized millwright machinists machining large shaft in place with clam shell machine. Setup of the machine was verified for positional accuracy using laser tracker technology.

Small portable boring and drilling machine

Machine designed and built to fit clearance requirements and have power and accuracy to drill holes on an extrusion press.

field machinists boring extrusion press on site.

Field machining large extrusion press on site with portable boring machine designed and built by Prime Machine.

Designed and built by Prime Field Service Corp. portable multi drilling machine.

This on site machining center for drilling liner holes in a ball mill shell was designed and built by Prime Field Service to correct liner holes that were two small so that bolts wouldn’t hold the mill liners in place.  The entire drilling of mill shell only took a few days to complete.  Even with great design and rigid tool the project required highly skilled millwrights specialized in machining process.  The placement of drilling machine on site required precision measurements to align machine to the mill.  Additionally special inching drive was built to rotary move the mill to each line of bolt holes.

field machining equipment designed built and operated by Prime skilled millwrights.

Field machining tooling designed and built for a purpose to drill mill shell liner holes for quick repair on site mine.

Portable tire grinding machine designed and built by Prime Field Service to grind tires on mill shell.

field machining tire with grinding machine.

Field grinding tire in place. Skilled craftsmen set and grind surface kiln tire.

Small line boring machine for in field machining.

line boring pin fits with field machining equipment

Prime millwrights Line boring crane boom fits with prime climax field machining bar. Positioning of bar was completed with laser tracker to ensure perpendicular bores and position.

Portable lathe in place facing and turning

Portable lathe designed by Prime Field Service engineers to machine the shaft bearing fits concentric to each other on the large drum.

Portable lathe designed built by Prime machine machining 80″x 400″ long mandrel. machined the shaft bearing fits concentric, round and to size on the portable lathe.

Farro arm for on site measurements and alignments of seal mounting surfaces for valve gate on damn water passage.

After machining of the seal mounting surface for a gate valve the flatness was verified using a Farro arm for the required measurements.  The quality control of on site machining is critical to having successful projects.  The high precision measurement by the Farro arms make getting quality measurement possible.

field machining gate hydro project and measuring flatness faro arm.

Field machining gate bottom of dam with our milling machine and measuring flatness with faro arm.


















Prime Field Service Millwrights using Laser tracker to align the generator and turbine bearing bores.

The alignment of the bearing bores on large equipment is critical to the smooth operation of the rotating mass.  Primes specialized millwrights using high precision laser trackers verified and corrected the bearing bore positions for this large hydro electric project.

Precision measurements using a laser tracker to align the bores holding the bearings for hydro turbine and electric generator.

Prime Millwrights using laser tracker to verify and correct alignments of shafts on large hydro electric turbine and generator.










Portable engine boring machine.

Natural gas engine block machined at the natural gas palnt.

Prime Field Service millwright repairing natural gas engine cylinder fits on site at gas plant. Field machining of engine block by specialized millwright machinist.

Milling machine for in place machining of soul plate to make it flat and level.

on site machining, field machining

Field machining on site of soul plates to bring back to flat and level.