Gearboxes and Drives

Prime Machine repairs all types of gearboxes.  Repairs include welding worn bores and cracked webbing on the box.  Complete machining of box split lines and bores to bring box back to the manufactures specifications for bores size and or perpendicularness.  Our equipment is capable of machining even the largest of gearboxes.  Our shop has capability to manufacture new shafts.  Improvements to seal surfaces by metalizing with harder material to increase seal life.  Shaft seal areas are repaired using high velocity oxygen fueled processes.  Experienced millwrights assemble boxes setting clearances and verifying all fits are accurate.


Gearboxes and Drives
We repair and rebuild all types of variable and fixed speed gearboxes including:
  • Single & Double Worm boxes
  • Helical & Helical Bevel Geared
  • Hydrostatic Variators
  • Ball and Belt Variators
  • Epicyclical gearboxes
  • Planetaries
  • Splitter Boxes
  • Frequency Drives
  • Speed Increasers.
  • Shaft Mounted or Stationary
Our in depth ISO qualified repair procedures insures a quality rebuild.
  • On-site removal of unit
  • Full strip down & fault diagnosis
  • Full inspection of the unit & parts
  • Laser inspection if needed
  • Written quote & inspection report
  • Complete Cleaning of unit=
  • Replacement of defective parts
  • Reverse engineer parts if needed
  • Manufacture new parts if needed
  • Balancing of applicable parts
  • Checking of contact patterns
  • Verify correct clearances
  • Assembly and verification
  • Testing of unit if applicable
  • Re-installation on site
Full in house machining and fabrication means rapid turn around.