Large Jet Valves from design to manufacture to installation

Large jet valves for handling water works projects.

Prime has skilled craftsmen, the equipment, and experiences to build or repair your large jet valves to be leak tight.  Our fabrication department with ASME certifications will cut form and weld to your specification.  The machine shop has capacity to machine the largest of valves with perfect seating capabilities.  We are able assemble the valves safely with full crane capabilities that makes assembly efficient.  We have the equipment to hydraulically test the valves for leaks and seating. Our filed crews will install the valves and insure the frames are not twisted to provide a perfect seal in operation.

Jet Valve upstream and downstream body fabricated and machined.

Fabricated and machined upstream and downstream body of jet valve

Laser tracker dimensional inspection of valve body

Inspection of body using laser tracker to measure flatness, hole positions, gate slide parallelism to assure all form, fit and function of valve.

Shop assembly of all components for the Jet Valves.

Assembly of large jet valves with all machined components.

Large machined jet valve components being assembled.

Jet Valve machined components being assembled in our shop.

Jet valve body and actuator being assembled.

Jet valve body and actuator being assembled in shop preperations for shipment to sight and installation

Jet valve being set into position at Dam

Jet valves in operation at site after manufacture and installation by Prime.

First Jet flow in closed position no flow second gate partially open throttling the water flow

Precision flow control with Jet Flow gate built and installed by Prime

Jet Flow Gates are used for free water discharge and flow control on dams and reservoirs. Jet Flow Gates are precision manufactured throttling valves designed for high pressure and high head service.  The Jet Flow gates provide precision throttling and are built to U.S. Bureau of Reclamation specifications.