Millwrights for Hydro-Electric work

Millwrights and Services for the Hydro-electric industry

Prime Field Service excels in offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored for the hydroelectric industry. Our expertise spans precise alignments, dynamic balancing, and the installation of equipment. We excel in machine reliability, leveraging vibration analysis and dynamic balancing to ensure optimal performance. Our team provides exceptional welding services for the repair of worn equipment components, showcasing our commitment to extending the life of your machinery.

Our millwrights are highly skilled in the onsite machining of large components, ensuring that even the most challenging projects are executed with precision. In collaboration with our affiliate, Prime Machine Inc., we possess the capabilities to machine and refurbish large components, enhancing their performance and reliability.

For older, obsolete turbines, our innovative approach allows us to reverse-engineer and manufacture new components, including impellers, ensuring that your equipment remains functional and efficient despite the passage of time. Our integrated solutions and technical prowess make us a leader in the hydroelectric industry, dedicated to delivering excellence and reliability in every project.


Machining babbit bearing housing fit and verifying the fits with a bluing check

Precision machining of babbitt bearing housing registers and verifying the fit to turbine case.

Prime highly skilled machinist verifying the machined fit of a babbitt bearing housing registers to turbine case fit,

Laser tracker Alignment of generator and turbine rotating shafts housing centers.

Laser tracker alignment hydroelectric turbine

Vertical alignment of hydroelectric turbine using laser tracker.

Ultrasonic testing of bond between babbitt and thrust pads shells

Babbited thrust pads ultrasonic testing of bond after static pour

ultra sonic testing of bond between babbitt and pad hydro thrust pads.


large machining of hydro-turbine operating rings

Operating rings machined large vertical mill

Voith Hydro large operating rings machined and measured.

Reverse engineer and build of smaller obsolete hydro-runner

A complete hydro turbine overhaul that included reverse engineering the runner and manufacture to the runner.

Manufactured new Francis rotor complete reverse engineer, create pattern, cast, machine, dynamic balance and install rotor in turbine.

Weld weights to Francis hydro turbine impellor for dynamic balance

overhung dynamic balancing francis rotor

Dynamic balancing hydro turbine Francis rotor.

Centrifugal casting of babbitt bearing for hydo electric turbine


Centrifugally casting guide bearing for large hydroelectric turbine. This bearing is one of the larges hydro bearings a 54″ journal diameter.

Babbitt bearing spun cast and finish machined


Millwrights field machining bearing journal on generator shaft.


Machining of hydroelectric turbine shaft on site to save time of removal sending to shop and reinstallation.

Complete rebuild of hollow jet valve includes welding, machining, and assembly


Final assembly of hollow jet valve after all welding and machining repairs to components create leak tight seal.

Millwrights on site rebuilding of hydroelectric turbine generator unit.


Installation of Kaplan turbine

Installation of Kaplan turbine using Prime Crane and field crews after hub and blades were rebuilt at shop.

Machining large seal ring for hydro electric turbine


machining of large bronze seal ring for hydro electric turbine