World Class Gear Installation

Prime Field Service Millwrights rigging and lifting Sag Mill half gear for install on Mill.

Prime Field Service Millwrights are experts at rebuilding and installing gearboxes and essentially all rotating equipment. Our millwrights are fully qualified and ready to tackle any challenge like the rigging and lifting of a Sag Mill half gear for install on Mill. We have over 35 years of experience.  Safety is a focus and we have an excellent safety record.

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James Webb Telescope Prime Laser crews assisted ATK with the precision assembly for James Webb

ATK clean room total backplane

Prime Field Service Corp. weld fabricated and machined the test stand for the James Webb Space Telescope a LARGE BRIDGE SIZED STRUCTURE BUILT TO WATCHMAKER TOLERANCES.  Additionally, we assembled the actual structure of the space telescope for Orbital ATK, Inc. with our trained craftsmen using three-dimension laser measuring instrumentation holding extremely tight tolerances required for holding the optics of the […]

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