Industrial Engine Machining and Repair

Reliability, Quality, and Service

World class service center for the rebuilding of large diesel and natural gas engines complete with machine shop, laser tracker dimensional inspection capabilities, vibration analysis, Crankshaft balancing, installation and alignment.

On site machining of counter bores engine block by skilled craftsmen.
Field machining engine block.

Field machining engine block lower bores. On site machining of large engine block. Cost to remove block substantial and we have capability to complete machining on location saving removal and installation of block after work completed.

Mechanics assembling engine generator set for field service.

Complete buildup of portable engine generator set.

 Prime Machine provides the correct tools with skilled craftsmen to complete repair of engines.

Machining of Large Engine Blocks

Large machining of engine block in our Salt Lake City Machine Shop.

CNC machining bores, counter bores, and deck surface on large engine block.

Laser measuring line bore of block determine position and size of bores.

Laser measuring main bores large engine block after line boring block to determine position and size of bores.


Picture of Mill/turn 5 axis CNC machining center in our Salt Lake City Machine Shop.

Machining radius in large crankshaft on our CNC 5 axis mill/turn machining center.

Crankshaft journal polishing and rebuild at our Machine Shop Engine machining department.

Polishing journals crankshaft. All journal finishes measured with electronic profilometer and reported to customer.

crankshaft balancing dynamically

Precision dynamic two plane balance engine crankshaft.

  • Complete Refurbishment
  • Straightening
  • Grinding
  • Magna-flux
  • Compressor and press cranks serviced as well
  • Complete inspection of crankshaft
  • Dimensional inspection size & run out.
  • Non-destructive magnetic partial testing for crankshafts includes degaussing
  • Straightening by press cranks.
  • Grinding & polishing of crankshaft journals
  • Dynamic balance of crankshaft to better than OEM standards
  • Compressor, Pump and press cranks serviced as well.
  • Counter weight repairs
  • Exchange shafts
  • Journal welding or metal spray also available
  • Gear and flywheel adaptions
  • Thread repair

Cylinder heads

machining cam shaft bores large engine head.

CNC machining engine block head and lase measuring bores cam shaft.

  • Complete Refurbishment
  • Mag particle inspection for cracks and casting flaws
  • Dimensional inspection to original manufacture specifications
  • Pressure test of water system and injector system
  • Provide complete documentation of as inspected condition
  • Valve guides replacement
  • Grinding of valve seats
  • Machining & grinding of head valve seat areas
  • Replacement Heads


Prime Machine Inc. developed and implemented a Quality Management System in order to document and continually improve the company’s best business practices.