Engine Refurbishment

Ajax Engine Refurbishment

Key Benefits:

  • Complete Rebuilds
  • Upgraded Components
  • Outlasts other rebuilds!
  • Lager Radiator
  • Runs cooler
  • Lasts Longer
  • Reduced Maintenance
  • Improved Seals
  • Fewer oil changes
  • Pre tuned performance
  • Turnkey Facility
  • 20+ years experience
  • Quick Turn around
  • Large Volume capacity
  • Pickup & delivery
Performance rebuild steps include:
  • Total disassembly, & Vat clean to remove all contaminants.
  • Full inspection for improved diagnosis and better overhaul outcome.
  • Cylinder sleeved (cast iron) for maximum compression, easy starting & engine fuel efficiency.
  • head area surfaced to prevent head gasket leaks.
  • Heads magna fluxed and surface machined best head to cylinder fit.
  • Piston and rod assembly complete rebuild and alignments checked.
  • Machine piston ring grooves
  • chase all threads before assembly.
  • Metalize seal areas to prevent combustion gasses from entering crankcase.
  • Reed valve box surface machined provide best sealing.
  • Crankshaft magna fluxed, size inspection and polished all journals and seal areas.
  • New double row tapered roller main bearings for maximum life.
  • Crosshead resized and machine metalizing process to avoid misalignment.
  • Crosshead housing polished for reduced sliding friction.
  • Connecting rod replace crank rod bearing and crosshead bushing with new.
  • Radiator upgraded from 3-row core to 4-row core for maximum cooling.
  • Clutch system pressure plates rebuilt and shafts machined & polished
  • Starter motor rebuilt
  • Provide engine stand forklift able style for easy load and unload
  • Paint all major components
  • Engines are test run and tuned so that no further adjustments will be required.
  • Engine assembly complete new lube lines, coolant hoses, and wiring. Oil and coolant.
  • Transportation of engines from your facility to our shop and back.

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